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drink some dill pickle juice i swear it works

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I have been Suffering from Acid Problems All My life and I have been taking Acid Reducers that seems to work great But Pickle Juice Works Great It is the best instant cure i have ever tried


Holy crap in a hand basket. IT WORKED!!!! I love you pickle juice suggestor!!!!


My acid reflux has struck once again and I didn't want to go out tonight, midnight, and get medicine for it. So I decided to search the web for home remedies. Saw this one for dill pickle juice. I just so happened to have them in the fridge. I opened up the jar and started chugging. It's better, but not totally gone. Will wait awhile longer, then may down more if needed. Thanks!


After trying the baking soda and the apple I saw ur post...gotta hand it to u I drank it straight outta the jar my throat was burning so bad!! But everything is a.o.k... Thanx


OMG, I am like all these other acid reflux sufferers,lol. I ran out of pills and I couldn't get to the store because my son is sleeping and my husband is working out of town. I came across this remedy and it has calmed down so much, not completely gone but I think I can go to sleep now:)


Omg 230am terrible reflux, no tums, no mylanta, desperate google search found this, two pickle juice shots later instant relief thank you soooo much

lynn b

i am whith u all it is good and it dos works to.


This pickle juice worked great!!!! I'm feel a lot better. Thanks for posting this home remedy.

Linda Krucks

UNBELIEVABLE! After 25 years of the horrible effects of Acid Relux, hiatal hernias and never-ending ulcers, all I was offered was Bad Meds, which actually caused even MORE problems; Thank God I finally found this page - AND THIS Natural cure... I, too, was skeptical, but took 1/2 cup of pickle juice twice yesterday (and also once before bed) and CANNOT believe it! It WORKS!!!
After an UNDISTURBED night of Real sleep, I started the day this morning with 1/2 cup of pickle juice, and am actually smiling as I write this.
Even if this Cure Doesn't work for you, there are SO many others on these pages, that one WILL work ~ I'm Certain of that! MOST IMPORTANT is that we CAN live a 'normal, pleasant life' with a diagnosis of GERD/Acid Reflux WITHOUT HAVING TO TAKE DEBILATING PRESC. MEDS! We can Cure our selves Naturally! Thank you - thank you - THANK YOU!!!


Woke up gagging at 12am desperately searching for temporary relief. A handful of Tums did nothing, an apple calmed it down, and then I saw this post. I read the comments and decided to chug the dill pickle jar. I still feel it in my chest but definitely an improvement. Hopefully I can sleep without choking and jumping out of bed.

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