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drink some dill pickle juice i swear it works

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Camille Brown

Well gurly...that was a swear u dont have to worry abt bein struk by lightin u didny lie. pickle juice is the biz. i just tried it after suffering for days and hrs awaiting an endoscopy to get to the route of the problem. Thanks for the advice. take care now


this does work!!!!


It worked for me.


Sure does work.. was sceptical at first but I tried it and sure enough... thanks dude or dudette


Tried it, nothing yet......going to try apple cider vinigar next.......


I was so miserable...looked up this site online and tried your suggestion. It worked like magic!!! Thank you so much for posting this!!!

shawty :p

omg omg i love u this realy works im 14 nd ive had acid since i was born and nothing has work like this


wow i can not stop smiling u just saved my night it is 3 in the morning and my reflux as usual woke me up and i drank the pickle juice and the result was instant....thank u so much my husband was so releived he is snoring all ready...thank u smart smart


Just tried this drank a few tb of it and ate a pickle and I've stopped spitting out the contents of my stomach! Relief!

lacey shaner

yes thank you know i can sleep and not bad at all.

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