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I reduced my cholesterol from 260 to 198 in two years with no meds. My triglicerides went down too. Here's what I did:
Exercise (curcuit training and walking)
Oatmeal every morning with ground flax seed on top.
almonds or almond butter every evening
Cut out margarine completely. Olive oil is much better, and even butter is better than margarine
Increased fresh fruits and veggies
Ate more fish
Reduced fat as much as possible in the diet. For instance, we went to 96 percent lean hamburger instead of the cheaper kind.
Supplements: fish oil, garlic, pomegranite, plant stenols and plant sterols.

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Your diet is the best! It is what I do! I love the 965 lean beef!
I also make a delicious seafood soup
just add seaweed dry mix,
spices, chicken base, cooked tilapia broken up, art. crab or real crab and lots of water
heat through and has very few caolories and eat lots of yogurt- 3 a day is great. aldi's has it for .39 cents each

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