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I was just looking to see some more ways to cure ear aches with out using antibiotics, because they dont work and are very harmful to your health and immune system. But I noticed no one posted any thing about build up. An ear infection can come in to effect if there is a build up of wax, witch stops the virus in side your mid ear.

A way to clear your ear right out. I have the Answer... If you put some Mineral oil or hydrogen peroxide in your ear and let it bubble for about 10 to 15 minutes, it Should soften the wax up. then you take a syringe with no tip on it, fill it with warm water. Put your head over and sink or bathtub and push the warm water in to your ear gentle but hard enough that it will go in and back out along with all the wax in there clearing the way so that a virus can get out after it enters.

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