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First off, this is a great resource, lots of possible remedies around that can potentially help.

Personally, my massive toothache was caused by an infection under the enamel, inside the pulp of the tooth itself - The difference to most being that there was no outside damage.. No cavities, cracks, etc. It was all internal. Now, using common knowledge, I can only summise that a great deal of these remedies work due to being placed/washed over affected tooth/cavity which no doubt reduces acid and other effects on the area itself, as well as working to reduce inflammation - Which of course helps you feel better. But, again, mine was not cavity/exposure related.

So, with my unique perspective, I delved into a large number of these remedies as I was desperate for relief. Is it just me or is there a severe lack of weekend dentists? It began Friday night and I am now sitting waiting for Monday morning to come around. I've never looked so forward to a Monday before.

Anyway, in no particular order:

Peanut Butter - No effect. This had absolutely no effect whatsoever. Tasted nice, though.

Salt water wash - No effect. The only effect this had was making my mouth throb even more, actually.

Bi-carb soda wash - Also no effect. The act of swooshing, as above, also seemed to aggrivate matters.

Painkillers - No effect. I used Ibuprofen, and even though its not advised, with the pain I was in, I was popping them like tic tacs.

Ice pack - Yes. I used an ice pack and held it next to my nose (Note: Tooth in question was a front tooth which extends up past the nose obviously) and, while it didn't get rid of the pain, it really helped to take the edge off. I give this 50% success.

Hot pack - Sort of. I've read people say that you try hot or cold, as one will work and the other will not. This is indeed accurate, as sometime ago I had an ache where a hot pack worked wonders. This was the one I tried first this time as well, and pure agony ensued instead. I then tried the ice pack (As above) which worked pretty well. So I believe if one does not work, try the other.

Vanilla Extract - This seems a popular one, and it may indeed work. However for me, it did literally nothing but leave a sweet aftertaste in my mouth.

Whiskey - This was a strange one. At first, I thought the positive effect was instantaneous. Instead, it was merely a 5 second calm before a storm.. And the storm made matters worse. Really worse. I have no idea why.

Oil of Clove - No effect. Well, technically it made the rest of my mouth and my tongue nice and mellow - But did nothing to combat the pain. And it tasted absolutely horrible.

Garlic - Nothing, short of leaving me with a bad garlic breath. And I guess maybe garlic helped my immune system a bit I suppose.. But did nothing for the toothache, however.

That is what I have tried so far. Therefore in summary, the only combat I have against it currently is the ice pack. I am sure that these remedies may work well for cavity related toothaches, as you're applying these directly to affected areas. For mine being internal, they had no effect.

So if anyone else finds their way here with anything similar to what is affecting me, this might help you out, perhaps. Try strong painkillers and icepacks. Its all I've got.

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i tryed everything my front tooth has a filing and it cracked like 2 weeks after i got it i was so pissed i did not go back to have it fixe well its a year latter and it hurts so bad it hurts to close my mouth its effecting the whole upper side of my face to almost my eye on my left side and all my upper teeth on the left side. i tryed a number of things on here and also am taking 8 ibu. (ibprofrine) so thats 1400mg every 3 hours still no relife but i did come acrost one that kinda works a little bit, take a black tea bag and wrap it around ur tooth and the teeth next to it and keep it there (warm it up first), as long as its there there is like 50% less pain. if u take it out it comes back in like 5 minutes tho.


i have a broken wisdom tooth and the molar in front of it is in excruciating pain. i cant even touch the area. I have tried every single med otc and perscription out there and nothing has helped. salt water, no. clove oil, nope. etc.. the only thing that brough semi relief is a hot pad on my face for hours and i took xanax with some excedrin. the paid did not go away but i did get some rest. teeth being extracted in 3 hours~

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