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I found some homeopathic pills at CVS (all natural) named 'Restful Leg' by Hyland's company. I can't believe it but they worked! Also found that when I don't drink alcohol and I go for a run/walk at night I get great results. Try to reduce stress by learning to not worry, just take appropriate action and then 'let go and let God ' take it from there. Also, eat less junk food, take a daily vitamin, cut out soft drinks... improved my overall health!!!

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Let go, let God....a wonderful solution to sooooo many other issues too!! =)


I use the restful legs as well. It worked VERY well in the beginning, but it seems I have built a tollerance for it. I need to put them in the back of the medicine cabinet for a while, find something else that works till I build up an immunity for that as well. Then I will go back to restful legs. It was great for me in the beginning!!


Tracy may be onto something. I'm an atheist and have RLS pretty bad. But which God should I choose, Tracy? I guess I'll start with Zeus.


Ive just read 10 pages of R L S posts from people and the top ones were....soap under sheets...mag/cal/zinc tablets...Orgasm....multiple orgasm....marijuana....God....Cider vinegar bath....excercise.....and various supplements.....and they all sound great at 3 30am. After 7 years of on and off rls from a car wreck....Multi level surgery....stretching....and weening off opiates....still had rls with bananas and mag/cal/zinc.Tonight Im goin with the orgasm and marijuana then I can forget about my sympathetic nervous system telling me about the four level cervical fusion and Atlas injury. WE ALL have this insidious SYNdrome from differing causes some not related to others but individual. Be it fatigue or injury...spinal compression in the lumbar either from pregnancy or overeating, worn out shoes...bad posture....mattress with a 200lb hole in it namely YOU when your not up on the computer trying to figure all these pearls of wisdom out. All of these remedys fit one scenario or another if not for any other explanation Placebo Effect. Dehydration and Lack of vital minerals,and nutrients and electrolytes are the highest percentage of problems with RLS then injury, fatigue, poor sleeping foundation...walking barefoot on concrete or tile floors, poor sitting position for too long at the computer.....sitting on the toilet too much...just kiddin bout that one....but R L S is not funny hope some of you get some relief from just reading about all this I have many other things that keep me awake at night when R L S is finallyput to Sleep. God Bless us ALL, Zeus too!! Nite Nite...PEACE Sierrason

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