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Since I was a very small child, my mother had us gargle hot salt water for sore throats. She mixed it so that it was almost like a brine, very very salty, and then we gargled it until we gagged. Once we gagged, we were finished, because that gagging allowed the brine to get to that portion of the throat that simple gargling didn't. If anyone has ever seen what salt will do to a slug, they will understand why the salty brine breaks that gunk off the back of your throat. Good luck to everyone out there.

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ive had the WORST cough for over 3 weeks now and every morning i wake up hacking my lungs up...well not literally but i hack up flem for about an hour (thats nasty) and i tried this just now after reading it because it makes all the sense in the world...and guess what, it worked like a charm!!!! thank you an immense amount...i have my throat back =]]


My fiance was had a soar throat all weekend. I came here and had him try this late on a sunday night before he had to work and finally gave in. He felt a lot better. Thanks!


This is a great remedy for short term relief of a sore throat. My great grandmother had my grandmother do this when she was a child and my great grandmother's mother probably had her do this get the idea. ONE ESSENTIAL NOTE: only add enough salt to make the solution slightly saltier than your spit, too much salt will actually dry out and irritate your throat further!

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