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Okay! So last week I had read several blogs here that said to try the Borax and Peroxide combo! My mastiff got mange and we are guess its from all the feral rabbits that run around our house, as we have noticed that they have the hairloss assiciated with mange and he hasnt been around any other dogs but ours! So.. back to remedies, noticed that husbands pug was scratching, had hairloss the whole nine yards and I had heard that Desitin, yes the diaper rash ointment.. worked wonders.. well, on the mastiff I put teh Borax mix and the pug the desitin! I have to say I am so PRO DESITIN for mange, our pug, has no redness, no more scratching and in just a few days where she had no hair, its back... her whole under belly was bald and now she has a great looking layer of fine hair!!! DESITIN ALL THE WAY!!!!!!! My mastiff on the other hand, not as red, still scratchy, so I think that I am gonna buy stock in Desitin as he is 200 lbs!!!

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I used the desitin on my chihuahua and it worked great. I rubbed on desitin twice a day for about five days so far and he looks great. No more red bumps or sores and his coat is growing back in!! The only down side is you either have to keep them confined in one room or just get used to cleaning white spots up all over your house from the desitin.


Well I have 3 Jack Russell's and two of them have what Im guessing is mange so I washed them with medicated shampoo from the vet. I put the desitin on them. The puppy that has it worse than the other one seems to have a little reliefe. I will keep ya'll updated on the progress. Thank you for the idea.


How do you put the desitin on just rub it like lotion?


I have used the desitin on mu yorkie he seems to get the mange every summer and it always works great. We also just found a little chiwawa who has mange pretty bad. I am going to try this on her as well.


I tried the Desitine and it works perfectly!


Do dogs sometimes lick at the Desitin, and is it harmful if they ingest it? I use Desitin frequently for human skin problems, etc. and have a lot of respect for its healing abilities. I just want to know if dogs might ingest it and get sick. Otherwise, I am ready to start using it on a friend's Beagle. Thank you.

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