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Pinch your bottom lip as hard as you can for 10-15 seconds. It will eliminate the leg pain.

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yeah... after you thinking that your lips hurts like hell, you wont focus on your leg


Hitting your head with a bat will have the same effect.


Tried it and it worked!!!!! Wow, I'm sure it just focusses you mind on your lip but whatever works is fine with me!


I don't know if that was 'all in my head', but it worked for me!!!!


Don't care why or how it works. But it works & my pain is gone.


This is the most rediculous thing I've ever heard! But as I'm sitting here at 6:30 am with my leg starting to cramp, I'm desperate to try anything... oddly enough, it worked!! THANK YOU!!


When you say 'pinch the upper lip' does that mean with 1 finger inside the lip (INSIDE the mouth) and the other pressing from the outside of the lip, or does one just press ONTO the upper lip underneath the nose?


WOW. I did a quick search on leg cramps because I usually get them bi-weekly. This was a very quick fix. If the cramp is really painful like mine gets, it'll slowly numb it out. thank you!


I pinched my lady's bottom instead and she kicked me. Cramps went away.

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