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If you have a kidney infection (let a uti progress too far) trust me, you really need to go to the dr. Now. Find a free clinic so you don't end up in the er- I tried to treat a uti myself with lots of water, vitamin c, herbs, and cranberry juice (sometimes can work- you need to be drinking 1-2 gallons of water a day, which is no fun when it hurts to pee), but the infection got worse and moved to my kidneys. I was in bed for days with a fever over 104, chills, nausea, back pain, etc. Hot baths and hot water bottles helped make me more comfortable, but only helped my symptoms, not the problem. Finally went to a clinic and was put on cipro for 10 days- they wanted to send me to the er but I don't have insurance. Don't mess around with a kidney infection- you can damage or destroy your kidneys waiting and trying to treat this yourself, and it won't just go away. It will be weeks before I'm back to my usual energy level. I hate antibiotics too, but just eat some yogurt and take the pills- really. Do all the other stuff too- it helps, but is no substitute for medical care if you really have a kidney infection. Good luck, and good health!

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stay away from citrus!! this makes the UTI or kidney infection least thats what the doctors say


your commet is the best i heard and make the most sense out of all.. of course after tring all these home remedies my symptoms were more bearable but the infections were still there. so after all this i finally go to the doc and they prescribed cipro and viola problems solved. thanks forr your comment it really helped


You are 100% correct. Don't mess with a kidney infection - and know the difference between cystitis, UTI and a kidney infection. They are completely different. Only your doctor can diagnosis these. Otherwise you are just guessing and messing with your organs. Dialysis or kidney transplants from the damage you do by letting infections ruin your kidneys is not the way to go. I'm not a doctor, rather a kidney patient who was born with kidney structural damage and didn't know it until I was in my 30's after I let a kidney infection go thinking I could treat it myself. These are just as serious as heart conditions, diabetes, etc. Please, save your own life and be smart. Get medical assistance for these ailments.


hi there i have had a kidney infection 3 times. i think some of you are referring to a uti and not a kidney infection because you will need to go to the emergeny room if you have a kidney infection it can go to your blood its dangerous! i agree with you you must go to the er you cannot treat this at home once it has hit the kidneys!!!


I had to comment about the difference in UTI or kidney infection... I go to the dr. as soon as I feel an infection comming on because I only have one kidney (born that way) and the are always telling me I have a 'bladder' infection, which is commical... I don't have a bladder!! I lost it due to cancer and now I have an ostomy. I can't figure that one out!!

Abigail W

I had my first colostomy last week and since then have had lower back pain. I believe I have a kidney infection it isn't related to the colostomy. Today is Sunday, and my doctor's office is closed. I called the doctor on call and was told that I should wait to visit my regular doctor on Monday morning unless the pain is excruciating I will drink plenty of water and cranberry juice until then, and hopefully my doctor will help me tomorrow.


I understand that in some situations an antibiotic may be required, but cipro is the most dangerous antibiotic you can take. Use a different one whenever possible. Google ciprofloxacin(?sp)and read the horror stories. I have one myself and hate to see anyone take it.

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