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Mix equal parts hydrogen peroxide and water. Undiluted peroxide will cause burns. Rinse and swish for 30-60 seconds, spit. Don't rinse teeth off for 10 minutes. Do daily.

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I found that mixing strawberries, lemon oil, sand, hydrogen peroxide, coconut oil, peanut butter, hydrochloric acid, beer, road tar (get it on a hot day for free), liquid paper (diet), Coca Cola, moon dust, ferrous oxide, magnet paste, Uranium 236 and feces from the extinct Tasmanian Tiger would be difficult, smelly and makes your teeth GLOW in the dark! Isn't that what we all really want?


thats effing hilarious!




Not funny at all! This is a serious topic for a lot of us - take your silly humour elsewhere.


How ridiculous is it that some of us are really trying to find out something important and others just goof off! I agree. Take your silly A$$ comments elsewhere~


5 responses, and none of them told how well the solution actually worked...I was hoping someone would actually say..Guess I will try it for myself, since all you could do is make stupid comments........


Oh my days! get a life people!


I'm desperate to get my teeth whitened and am upset how bad they have become... but I still couldn't help but laugh at that post... you gotta admit it's hilarious... think we all need to lighten up our sense of humour as well as our teeth lol.

Physics is your friend

Never ever put hydrogen peroxide (even if diluted)into your mouth unless you've reached the point where you're going to die from stained-teethiness anyway.


read the label... it says you can use it in your mouth.. lets see if it works though

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