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Good Karma Man

I woke up with an ear infection today. The first thought that came to my mind is that I need to put hydrogen peroxide into my ear. The only problem was that we were all out of peroxide and my wife is very pregnant. (NOT feeling well enough to drive to the store)Instead of asking my wife to drive I decided to search on the internet for other home remedies. I will say there are a few absurd remedies people have posted. I am not sure if their humor is coming out or if they are being 'intentionally mean' but what they might not realize is....someone in the world, will be trusting enough to listen. For example: The guy who gives you a food recipe for your ear, or the guy who says' 'Just pee in your ear'. All that is just crazy!!! I have only heard of urine being used for athletes foot or a jelly fish sting....but never for an earache or ear infection. I got fed up and decided to drive to the store and buy hydrogen peroxide. You mix two parts peroxide to one part water, add it to a dropper, lay down on your side and add to the ear that is infected or aching. I add three drops. remember, the drops have to get passed two canals in your ear so you need to stay there holding your head still for between 5 and 20 minutes. (however long you can tolerate it for) Although a cotton ball might work (to squeeze out into the ear)I recommend a clean ear or eye dropper because you can get a little further with the dropper. Best wishes!!! Let me know how it goes.
-Christopher Bann

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When my dad was little he was always prone to ear infections, and his mother would pour warm urine into his ear... he ended up going deaf in that ear. His mom was an 'Oakie,' (this was back in the 1950s, mind you!) so yes, some people HAVE used that method- but I definitely would NEVER recommend it!!

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