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for those who never listened to your mum when she said never put anything bigger than your elbow in your ear...

You probably use a cotton tip aye?

well have you thought about that?
those things can only just fit in so ofcourse its just pushing the wax backwards toward your ear drum aswell as layering it on the walls of your ear.

what i found useful and almost disturbing was using a bobby pin. you know those hairpins with the loop at the end?
the actually act as a hook and scoop the wax out.

My sister used to swear by cotton tips and said her ears were clean, when i convinced her to use a bobby pin she was amazed at how scummy her ears still were after daily cotton tip cleaning and the releif and clearness it brought.

Caution do not try if you are not 100% sure about what you are doing.

also can become addictive as your ears become so clean you can feel new wax in them

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That bobby pin treatment is not a very good idea, unless you have a large wax build up. But even then it is risky. I say this because your ear canal has only a very thin layer of skin cells protecting it. This means it is very very easy to scratch or scrape off this skin without even knowing it, even with just a q-tip (believe it or not, it happened to me!). Consequently, your ear becomes open to a very painful ear infection.


it worked, just be real careful


Don't try this! My brother used to use this trick all the time and ended up tearing a hole in his ear drum. Nothing should be inserted into your ear canal like that.


bobby pins are the only method I have known for a while. Unfortunately, my aunt likes to do it for me. I always hate it when she does because it hurts for days after. Yesterday she had an incling to do it again and she hurt my ear so badly that it bled. It hurts so much, as though someone stuck something really sharp in there and forgot to take it how. Now I am on this site desperately searching for something to ease the pain and get out the wax blockage that I think she pushed even further. All I can think is, 'OUCH!!!'


Never put anything SMALLER than your elbow in your ear...not the other way around :) this is the real saying.

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