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For an inexpensive facial peel that works, Miracle Whip (no really!!) Spread Miracle Whip (Only Miracle Whip, regular mayo won't work)all over your face, careful around eyes ,fumes might make your eyes tear till you get used to it. Leave on 20 min. or so, then use fingers or a paper towel to rub your face, dead skin balls up and comes off(do this over sink) Wash your face 2-3 times(or take a shower)to get the rest of the Miracle Whip off. Apply your regular moisturizer. I do this about once a month.

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tried this and it BURNED my skin. definetly not one for extreme sensitve skin...if you do i recommend a cold rag or water to keep it from feeling like a horrible sun burn. it worked just isnt gentle on your skin.


I tried this and only left it on for two minutes my face turned so red and was so hot I thought I would need to go to the doctors. How ever a few hours later the redness went away and my face was glowing just wondering if it is damaging my skin or helping it. Can't say I will ever do it again.


I built up my tolerance to it. Start with a few minutes then was off. Yes it will make your eyes water. But it does make your skin so soft.

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