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Hi all,

I want to thank you all for your suggestions, I stumbled on this site as I have a very painful abcess and I have been told I only need to go to hospital if it heads up to my eye socket or throat / neck. Doctors have prescribed me Amoxicillin and Dihydrocodeine which doesn't help the pain so I'm going to try some of your ideas.

I'm actually for the UK and I have to admit I am shocked at the lengths you have to go to in self-remedies in the States due to lack of a National Health Service (NHS) I'm currently out of work over here so all my treatment is free including all dental even dentures etc, and I have had to have two teeth out this week and even if I was working it would only cost me around £40 - $60 to have the work done. I am disgusted that such a fantastic country like America can't do the same, please do support Obama's health service the British NHS is good and yes, private is better and has less waiting times but here in the UK we have the choice which to opt for (depending on income). Good luck to everyone and I hope some of these remedies work as this pain is torture!

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I don't think you can praise the NHS like that! They are rubbish! I work full-time but because of the low wages in our country, I still can't afford a dentist! Of course you not working, you'd get it for free, and I don't know what NHS dentist you see, but I've never heard of any that only charge £40, for any kind of treatment! Most of their procedures cost more then a weeks wages! Who on earth can afford that much! Only way we'd get anything done is if we were made redundant or sponged off the taxpayers! Its always the ones who work hard that have to suffer!


A 12 year old boy died in 2007 from an abscessed tooth and lack of dental care in the states, I tried to link it wouldn't let me, if you Google it, it will come right up though.

This is America for you. It sucks, however bad your NHS is, it's better than nothing. I am lucky where I live I have a community hospital that will charge by your earnings. Don't knock healthcare, because trust me when you have nothing, it's worse.

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