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I've been suffering from genital warts for a few months now, and due to the stress of having them they multiply and grow which only stresses you out more. its a horrible cycle that I thought would never end. I had a doctor attempt to freeze them off but it was extremely painful and cost more than I was hoping to spend. also it took more than one treatment to complete and each session cost me money and down time. I couldn't do anything because I was hurting so badly from the treatment. I found out about Apple Cider Vinegar treatments and decided to give it a shot. it is working so well so far. I'm so releaved that the warts are slowly going away. its like a huge weight being lifted from me. I've been taking vitimans to boost my immune system as well, because my immune system is very poor and I'm constantly sick and being put on meds. vitiman D and E, C and lots of garlic are the ones I pop daily at least 2 times a day on a full stomach. exercise is good too. anything you can do to keep your body healthy. I really hope this helps others struggling with the same problem, because I thought (being the melodramatic girl that I am) my life was over. being so young and having to live with this the rest of my life is tough but at least now I know how to work through it. I wish the best for you all. good luck. :)

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HELP PLEASE QUICKLY, my daughter has warts and she tried the apple cider vinegar treatment and she is soooo swollen on her labia minor and is in so much pain. Has this happened to any females out there and what should she do

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