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I have two dogs,A blue Bully-2yrs,&a dachsund-chiuahuah mix,6yrs,I used the borax-hydrogin peroxide remidy and kept them off Grass and Dirt for 2to3 weeks,and it is GONE,GONE,GONE...Much happier DOGGIES AND FAMILY!! they were suffering and us watching them was horrible!!!

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Do you guys shampoo your dogs with regular shampoo first then apply the mixture to only the infected spots or to the whole body because i think my lab has it he scratches constantly and his belly has all these red bumps i wanna try this so i can avoid those ridiculous vet bills


Yeah i read your posting and i want to try it on my blue pit also if you could please tell how much you mixed and how. please my dog is getting worse. Also did you put all over the body beacause my dog is itching on her face too please give me some advice. THANK YOU.


Hi, my blue pit is showing signs of mange. i read another posting where you mix 2 cups of peroxide to 1/2 cup of borax. repeat dip every 3-4 days. my pit is looking better after the first dip

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