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Apply aloe vera gel, cod liver oil, or vitamin E oil as a preventative measure against scarring and to reduce coloration on existing scars.

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although this works for reducing 'new scars'... don't bother trying this on an old scar, they are pretty much set, and wont go away. I was dumb enough to try this on a 3 year old scar... go ahead, laugh at me!


the best home remedy is lemon juice which should be applied every night and scars should dissapear. also scars jus need time to heal ive had pimples with horrible scars but by 1-2 months or shorter your scar will be completely gone


i have chicken pox scars which i had for about a year now and ive been trying cocoa butter and lemon juice the scars on my face are gone but i still have plenty on my chest face and back is there a way to get rid of them or are they set? People tell me to give them time but how much time is it gonna take for me to get my skin back?


if u apply viteimin e along with vasilen and lemon you can remove the olddest scars.but once u aply the mixture make shure to wrap the area in plastic rap.


i had worst scenarios of pimples in my life and thought that it will be there forever but one thing is for sure applying toothpaste to the affected are is really effective then just continue washing you face with coffee paste twice a will help you.. and also you can put eggyolk...


Has anyone used dr murad's scar kit or invisible scars?

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