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I learned this from my mother and passed it along to my son and now my daughter. After using this for awhile I no longer had a problem with acne, my son was amazed.

Get a soap called Fels-Napa. It is a bar soap they used back in the day to do laundry. You will find it in the laundry detergent section. It is not pleasant smelling but it works.

At night lather this soap up and spread a good lather on your face leaving it on overnight. It dries and sucks the dirt and grease out of your pores. In the morning just lather it up with water and rinse it off. Do this each night until the problem is solved.

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I absolutely love you.
I just started using the fels- naptha soap like 3 days ago and its helping my acne on my back faster than any acne medicine i've ever used. And its just in time for prom.
So thank you and I highly encourage people to try this.


Rose, does it really work? I have chest acne and prom is coming up and am trying everything to get rid of it! Right now I have cinnamon and honey on my chest! So the detergent stuff does work?


Where Can i buy Fels-Naptha Soap?


do you keep using it AFTER the acne is cleared up?

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