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I just took a little bit of lemon juice like mouth wash and brushed my teeth w normal teeth paste and sprinkled some salt on top and brush my teeth were whiter intingly but be careful ww the lemon jucie it can damage your teeth

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Thats acidic i wouldnt do that often. you can ruin both your gums and teeth enamel sweetie.


Looks to me like she already mentioned that... moron.


She was just trying to be nice and help warn her again. No need for insults.


I tried this & it really does work.


Yeah no need for insults i like a girl with a southern charm and it really works great but will mess with your teeth and gum health


thiss really workss greatt(;
you can tell that it ruins your enamel beause yu teeth feel really thin after but it you do not do it that often i dont think it will do that much harmm but it really leaavess your teeth white and refreshing looking naturally beautifullyy(:


you should always wait 15 minutes before brushing your teeth after lemon. The damage to the enamel will be lower.


Try eating a piece afterwards the protien will neutralise the acid


Lemon Juice also gets rid of bad breath.
Just take a few bites of Sugar Free Yogurt afterwards, and the teeth should be fine.

*Source: The Doctors

stacey W

the acid in lemons ruin ur enamal this is so not a good thing to do

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