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THIS WORKS! After days of feeling constipated and trying several laxative meds i came upon Epsom Salt. If you read the directions and uses well enough you'll see it has a variety of uses including the use as a saline laxative. Wow who knew? Most will give directions on how much to take but if not mix 2 Tea spoons into an 8 oz. glass of water be patient and wait about 30min to 4.hrs depending and ahhh relief! Best of all it does not give you stomach cramps. Do not exceed 2 doses per day Read and Follow the directions and all should be well.

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Wow, I'm glad I stumbled upon this site. Many weird suggestions and helpful stuff. The thing is, some otc laxatives or any constipation reliever doesn't work for me. It just worsens. My home remedy for constipation is 3 cups of green tea with AoX a day, or traditional medicinals organic tea echinacea. It works. I bowel like regularly, I used to strain when I drink lots of cold iced coffees, sodas, sweet stuff, meat. etc. I stopped drinking caffeineted drinks. Water a lot, so I pee a lot,lol. The reason why I drink lots of water because I had a UTI before, i don't drink much water, too much sweets stuff and caffeine and holding pee.

Another way to help aid regular digestion is to do at least 10 days of fasting? Cleanse the colon by doing lemon, cayenne pepper, organic syrup diet, which is master cleanse. I know some of u may not believe this, but it really really helps. To start I drink a stimulant laxative organic tea at bedtime. When I wake up, I drink warm water with sea salt, nasty taste it but helps flush. Then I dont eat nothing but drink juice but added water to ease on thickness and sugar. Dont eat the whole day. Keep drinkin liquids, u won't die, or faint, lol. Then drink the mixture of lemon, syrup and pepper. It will clean the system, clear up and freshen up skin and face, gets rid of bad breath, mucus, phlegm, etc. Although the only side effect is you feel sh1tty weak and everytime you see and smell food, you want to attack it. Haha.


I tried this once and vomited half way through drinking it.


This is the ONLY thing that has worked for me when I haved had a blocked blocked bowl/severe abdomen pain and other gastrointestinal issues. Coming from a homeopathic/holistic family that shies away from over the counter meds this is the only things that has worked.

Here's what I do:

1. Mix 4-6 tablespoons epsom salt (depending on how constipated you are) with approx equal amts (4-6 oz) orange juice. Mix it up really well so that the salt is dissolved, this makes it easier to swallow.
2. Drink it very fast and have approximately 8oz water behind it.
3. Heat up a pot of hot green tea and drink 1-2 8oz cups of it immediately afterwards.

This has worked for me every single time.

Sometimes it takes about 3-8 hours to kick in depending on how constipated you are. I swear by it. Sure it tastes disgusting, but when you're in pain whatever works is a godsend.


I have tried this and it is NASTY!!!! Almost threw-up! Awful!!!

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