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I thought I had warts but did some research and learned about Fordyce Spots. I finally manned up and went to the dermatologist and he confirmed they weren't warts.

Look up pictures of fordyce spots on google or wiki before you assume you have warts like I did. I am grateful that someone posted about that b/c I had no clue that existed.

I felt compelled to post the same in hopes of helping some of you that think they have warts but don't.

For those that do have warts, I'm sorry...I understand the despair and hopelessness you feel.

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Thanks for posting this - I had never heard of Fordyce spots and was in the same boat as you! Definitely one to check out before you think for certain you may have warts.

What was I thinking???

Thank You for your post--I wish I had seen it earlier...

I burned through three layers of skin with ACV(after going to bed with ACV soaked cotton balls taped in place) didn't know how many layers until a few days later until the skin came off and saw all these spots and thought they were GW but they were not really turning black... Finally found your post and after seeing the pics on wiki knew that they were not GW
So than I became desperate because my girlfriend was coming to see me for vacation and I needed this 'wound' the size of a little bigger than a nickel to heal up quick after a week of not seeing anything work

I read about Manuka Honey I tried that for a week and discovered that if I put the Honey(that I stored in the fridge) on the wound and than covered it with a piece of paper towel to get the Honey to stay in place and put petreoleum jelly on top over the paper towel to keep it moist and than placed a large bandaid over that to retain everything. Than tape it up with medical tape to hold it all in place.

I would replace this anywhere from every 6-8-10-12 hours a day. The last week I have been adding a 1-2 drops of Tea Tree Oil directly to the wound and than immediately putting the Manuka Honey(from the Health Food Store) on(than with the rest of the above application).

This is now healing super quickly and I can visibly see the healing every 12 hours--it is incredible--I don't know if it is the Honey alone or the tea tree drops in addition but I am not going to vary this routine because it is starting to heal so quickly.

I think using the
petroleum jelly to keep the wound moist is key
Manuka Honey
Tee Tree Oil (be careful not to overdo this step--I didn't use any the first week)
Band Aid Cover(not gauze but a non stick Band Aid pad)
and Tape (to keep it securely in place and keep the air)
retaining the wound moist expedites the healing process...

I swear by this process and it works quickly to heal your skin down there...


Legend mate!

I thought I had genital warts until I read this and looked into them.



Thank you so much whoever you have made my life a million times better I thought I had genital warts and I saw your post and it turns out all I have is harmless spots ! Whoever you are You are a absolute life saver I can't thank you enough ! Best of luck and i hope other people see this post !!!

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