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I have tried the Apple Cider Viniger remedy.. I have to say, be very careful where and how you place the cotton ball soaked with the viniger, if placed wrong you will get an acid burn.. IT IS 5% ACID !!. But on a good note, I got a fresh bottle and tried it at night, the next morning I took off my bandage, by that evening I saw black dots. AWESOME!! It worked I thought. Them black dots from the warts can stay for days depending on how old those warts are. I got rid of a few small ones in a day, some others a few days later. I have been doing the ACV treatment for a week now and only half are gone. You gotta remember that warts have roots, like a tree. The older it is, the deeper the roots. I started off with about 20 warts, now down to 15, 5 or 7 unfased by the viniger. I dont care about the pain, I gotta a girlfriend who needs attention, so I pick some of the black ones off and re-apply the viniger to it.. Sometimes 2 days and they are gone. But not to tell you that I am all fixed, Im not done trying to kill them all. If you done your research, you may know that this issue may spread to your ass. I dont want to have it get that far, so I am not done treating the whole area. I just want you to know my own personal experiance.
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Where can you fine the apple cider vinager?? and does it hurt?? I only have one, but I have had it for like a year now.

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