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Im 21 and have been dealing with this for over 6 years i have gotten the worst of it all it covers my whole body arms torso legs face even inside of my ears!Its taken over my fingernails and toe nails.I have gotten Arthritis from it as well... Went to dermatologist, ive tried embrel, steriods, topical creams, antibiotics, even had kenalog shots over my entire body every month..I found out that if i bath in dead sea salts for 20 mins and use products with coal tar after the bath that in less than a week i have just small red dots. its clears from inside out! I have tired everything tanning helps but leaves my spots blood red.. psoriasis runs in my family on both sides my and my other family members go just tan every once in a while at a salon..everybodys is different mine is 100 times worse than thiers and i couldnt seem to get any relief til i tried this! Believe me its very effective! Safe and cheap!

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I'm 50 and have had psoriasis for 42 years. The most consistent and effective treatment I've ever known is a combination of coal tar and UVB (sun) exposure. BALNETAR is an emulsion you can add to your daily bath OR shower. If showering, add direct to your skin after washing and leave it on at lealst 5 minutes before rinsing. If bathing, add a capful to your bath and soak for 15 - 20 minutes, follow it up with a mix of eucerin and balnetar (a 20 to 1 ratio), and get as much sun exposure as possible, without burning, every day (outdoor is best, tanning is a reasonable substitute).

Melody B

That sounds like something that could help my 12 y,o. son! Could i ask where u found the Balnetar and eurecrin?

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