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I had reoccuring kidney infections after having my third child. I did the antibiotics ... 3 rounds.. they kept coming back so please.. to the person who said that is the only remedy I beg to differ. The only cure was COLLOIDAL SILVER. You have to drink all water and the cranberry always helps too. Symptoms were gone in 1 day and silver was taken for 2 weeks. No return of symptoms!

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to the one who used Colidol Silver for Kidney Infect. How much did you take and how often?

By the way it works for eye infections, sinus (sniff it up) and most of whatever ails you.


Colloidal silver kills good bacteria with bad. It works quickly on kidney infections but supplement with probiotics. D-Mannose stops bacteria from sticking so helps UTI or kidney infections. Oil of Oregano each night before bed kills infections. I dropper it into a capsule to avoid the taste. Cranactin daily helps avoid them.
MMS kills only the bad bacteria. It tastes bad. I juice 1 apple, freeze 1/2 for next dose, and add distilled water as necessary. Works quickly on most ailments. I have used these all with success.


Way is siliver and were can I buy it help please my back is killing me I'm a cancer patient taken morphine Nd perckocet there not touching my bk pain please help

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