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First and foremost you should go to a doctor just in case it is an underlining issue that is causing the odor. Once you establish that everything is ok, mix one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with one cup of water and douche once per day until your symptoms clear. You can use a disposable douche bottle or an enema/douche bag. Normally, it is not good to douche but hydrogen peroxide is perfectly safe and kills any candida, bacteria, or viruses. This is also an excellent remedy for yeast infections or Bacterial vaginosis. Personally, I believe this method is not prescribed because the pharmaceutical companies can't make money from it. I only do this after my aunt flow visits and it does not smell fresh down there. Hope this Helps!

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this does work! I have been researching this and i have heard and studied that its not good to douche, but i did try this method and I smell fresh right after, and through out the night. Waking up the next morning i did not feel uncomfortable with having sex with my husband (fearing that an oder will rise). I will continue to do this if ever i feel i have an oder.


I wouldn't recommend the soakng a tampon in peroxide method. I tried early this am & only for a few hours & have been in pain down there like I just lost my viginity!! I havn't been sexually active near as much as I usually am since I am not in a relationship but I am far from a virgin & the pain has me very uncomfortable & now I have been taking advil all day & using a hot rag on my abdoman to help alleviate the discomfort. I don't know what the heck the peroxide did but I am very uncomfortable now & will use a different method.


This worked for me very well.. I feel fresh that smell is embarassing.


If you douche with 1/4 cup of 3% peroxide and 1/4 cup of distilled water for 5-7 days you will get rid of bv. However, you have to add good bacteria after you destroy the bad bacteria. You can insert a probiotic/take orally to add good bacteria. Also women with BV have a defiency to folic acid. Adding 800mg of folic acid should help as well. Do this only after you have confirmed from your doctor that you have bv. This worked for me! Also you should watch your triggers. Things in your diet, not wearing white cotton panties, or not keeping vaginal area dry could be causing the BV to come back.


To whoever stated you are not supposed to douche. My OB/GYN said under normal circumstances no you are not, but for women that have reoccurring bv using a vinegar douche can be beneficial to restore the natural acidic ph. They do say never to douche with the scented stuff. As far as the peroxide douche, I am willing to try it. I do not think that using antibiotics that they prescribe over and over again is good for you. I am no Dr. however if bacteria such as staph can become a super bug that is antibiotic resistant why would the same concept not apply to the 'bad' bacteria in the vagina? I feel much better trying the natural alternative to try to restore balance than go through the anti fungal / antibiotic cycle. Yet on the same note this should not be tried till you know it is actually a cycle of bv/yeast, and not something more serious like PID or STD.


This worked right away. Wow i wish i knew this sooner. Good Luck


Omg it works thank you.....


How do you douche?


I used this method and it works for me, almost instantly. I did it after showering abd shaving, using summers eve feminine ph balance wash. one cup water, one teaspoon. I wouldn't put too much peroxide, could cause irritation.


I will try this. Im new to having the odor and it seems like it started right after my dot...its really embarrisimg during intercourse :-. I heard to run bath and pour peroxide in it to kill the odor so im going to try that and have faith that it will work.

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