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First and foremost you should go to a doctor just in case it is an underlining issue that is causing the odor. Once you establish that everything is ok, mix one teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide with one cup of water and douche once per day until your symptoms clear. You can use a disposable douche bottle or an enema/douche bag. Normally, it is not good to douche but hydrogen peroxide is perfectly safe and kills any candida, bacteria, or viruses. This is also an excellent remedy for yeast infections or Bacterial vaginosis. Personally, I believe this method is not prescribed because the pharmaceutical companies can't make money from it. I only do this after my aunt flow visits and it does not smell fresh down there. Hope this Helps!

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how long does this take to work


It should work within 3 days, but you should treat it for a full 7 days(minimum). I usually use 1/2 cup of H202 mix w/ 1/2 cup of water, but I would not recommend that for beginners. You have to start off slowly, until you get to that dosage. I have tried other remedies(vinegar) and it made my odor worst. If you don't notice a change in 3 days then increase the H202 to 1/4 cup and 3/4 cup water.


I've gotten professional advice and douching is not the way to go! Douching actually strips you of the good bacteria that fights off the bad bacteria, and makes the symptoms worse. Douching alone is not good for your vagina, so don't do it.


It is not good to douche and any gynecologist will tell you so. Let alone put peroxide in your vagina or vinegar. FYI if you do have bacterial vaginosis you should see you gyn so he or she could prescribe you a medication for it so it will be taken care of properly.


Actually a doctor will tell yu it is okay to use perxiode. My gyn told me to soak a tampon and insert it..


This works great! and it also prevents yeast infections when the extra oxygen and hydrogen kills the candida


douching and inserting a tampon is two different things. I can see it being fairly safe to do the tampon thing because its not flushing out your vagina like douching does.


How long do you soak the tampon and do you use just peroxide or peroxide and water and long do you wear it and for how many days?


Is there any easier way for the tampon to inserted into the vagina after being soaked with the h2o2,it is hard to get in.


This works :-) I feel fresh and smell fresh .

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