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I found out that i had caught them from my ex. The worse part was that I'm pregnant with them. I found a few on the outside and took the advice from someone on here to tie string around them. IT WORKED!!! By the next week they were completely gone. But now i've discovered them on my cervix and other places i just could not tie a string to. I read that someone else used a q-tip with toothpaste. i started doing that yesterday. This morning i decided instead of a q-tip why not use a tampon so it lasts longer? A few hours later I took it out and a few warts were on the tampon!!!! Now I know it takes a few times so I am going to continue doing this like 2 or 3 times a day like it was instructed to do with the q-tip. i think they fall off faster this way though. But like she instructed... use toothpaste with 'SLS'. I am thankful for this website because now I have the chance to deliver my baby vaginally due to the remedies on this page... I hope others are helped like I was...

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just so u know it isnt good to stick a tampon in u while u are pregnant


neither is it good to insert SLS into you body better yet use any thing with sls on it.. it is a chemical used extensively as an industrial degreaser... loose the toxic load consume a mostly raw and healthy diet and your body will get rid of all illness's on its own...


to the people that commented using a tampon whil you are pregnant is not harmful you moron and i have done the healthy diet thing for two years now it does not always work i think if she perfers some burning to a c section then thats her choice

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