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I am 19 years old and had psoriasis all my life. the top best thing i found that works and once cured my psoriasis are
1. Borage Oil (can be found it heath store)
2. Tee Tree Oil(smells really bad but works, and can be found at Sobeys)
3.Bag Balm (which i got the idea from this site)
4.TANNING that and Skin fix CURED my psoriasis for a years (best time of my life lol)
5.Try not to Stress, Also i found Caffeine breaks my out a lot. that year where my psoriasis went away i started drinking coffee and it started coming back, and it was worst.
6.Im currently using Dovobet from the doctor its been wokring really good, but its expensive with no covergae, but than i bought tee tree oil and that as been wokring the best out of everything with tanning mixed in.
7.Someone told me Oatmeal bath works, havnt tried it but i will after this treatment,
8. I think i got this one on here but take any curent treatment ur using and wrap saran wrap over it all night or even for a couple hrs.
9.i forget what this one is called but i got it at pharmacy, but its a little Dark brown Glass bottle with tanned paper around it and with a beige lid it worked really good, and its in a samll bottle, im going to go look for it and ill let everyone know what its called cause it WORKS!
10. i bought this sand paper brush, and i scrap at it, it actually works at first will hurt but after u get use to it its not bad at all.

I hope ths helps everyone!! Good Luck

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These statements are difficult to read due to the poor grammar and spelling errors. Please proof your comments before submitting, thank you.


its kinda hard to understand what you're trying to say. please have a friend of yours proof read and repair these statements.


not hard to read at all thanks for the advice!


it really is not hard to read. thank you, i am trying to find a good treatment for my husband who has had psoriasis his whole life. thanks again!


Thank you for all the tips, very helpful....

@ Hooked.... 'Kinda' is not a word, stop correcting others.


Who cares about the grammar????

Melody B

Glad you found something that works for you. I found alot of ideas to help combat the issue. Dont worry about spelling and grammar, say what you gotta say anyway to get it said, because it may just help someone else :)


I wouldn't recommend that anyone scratch at your skin with any type of abrasive, psoriasis tends to worsen after any kind of damage to the skin (as psoriasis is over production of skin cells, and when you damage them, your body will produce more)... Just some advice before you go out and start damaging your skin and making your psoriasis worse.

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