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Ok. I am 13 and usually after using the restroom (Pooping) My Anal was itching. So I got a moistend wipe, and wiped my anal. The itching seems to be from the toilet paper. After wiping. Get one square of toilet paper and barely pat. It take the itching away!

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. This is how its done. take a shower,clean your problem area. them put some alchol on some toilet paper. put it up there as long as you can,up to a minute.Then after you use #2 again ,you clean as good as you can and use the alcohol again. You will feel relief after the first use. Unbelievable Relief. after about 2 to 3 days . Its gone.. You Will feel free again there.Now it dose burn.That means its cleaning. Alcohol KILLS everything.. BUT IF YOU GOT HEMRIODS DONT DO THIS. Get on e-bay and look for a product named Hemrelief.It costs 40$ a jar of around 100 pills,,I think, That stuff works too...Real good....OK World go clean up with alchol.. YOU REALY WONT BE SORRY...... NO MORE PAINNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN


does alchohol really work ???


No! Alcohol does not kill anything. I am a 10 year phlebotomist. The only thing we use alcohol for is to clean excess dirt from the site. We use 10% bleach to 90% water to kill germs in the lab and I DO NOT suggest using that on the skin.

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