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farmers wife

My husband gets boils on his back quite frequently and we have always used a home remedy I recieved from my grandmother. Crack open an egg and remove the contents. Then you remove the thin membrane that lines the inside of the egg shell. Place this on the boil and cover with a bandaid. Do this at night and by morning the core should be in the bandage. Sometimes it takes two or three nights of treatment. I am usually successful with the first nights treatment.

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How do you remove the membrane from the egg, or is it hard boiled?


Once you heal a boil, you shouldn't get anymore. If your husband keeps getting them, then the infection is in his blood. I don't doubt that the egg yolk helps to heal the boils externally, but you should look into getting the internal infection treated, as it can spread to and infect other organs of the body.


This really works. Thank you very much for your input.


I've actually done this. but i just let the membrane dry in open air and when its hard, slowly peel off the membrane. It may hurt but the head is stuck to the membrane and comes off easily. The boil ruptures and everything drains out,

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