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kansas bowhnter

OK face it, a chigger has not just bitten you, it has dug in under your skin and set up house. All the other remedies will make the itch more tolerable but you will be miserable until he dies! I know the PETA folks will not like this but insectisides are good, use them, I use Malathion on a sponge, let it set for 15 min, then take a shower. End of problem, bug dead.

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now you know what PETA stands for dont ya PEOPLE EATING TASTY ANIMALS lol


Malathion is pretty dangerous stuff it's as good at hurting people as insects


Chiggers do not actually burrow under your skin. that's a common misconception/fear

ItItchin' In Oregon

I am am member of PETA, and vegan. But..when it comes to chiggers, I can't kill the little monsters fast enough.
I am trying Listerine, malathion and powdered sulphur.

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