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I have had an extremely severe sore throat for 5 days now, i usually get them like 30 times a year or more seriously, but this one has got to be the worst one i've had, normally by now i'm sitting in the ER but decided not to go this time unless I have to. I have tried just about everything i could get my hands on for remedies but for the past 2 days i have using some citrus flavored alka seltzer, it tastes really nasty to me and makes me want to gag and puke but i swallowed my pride so i could swallow that boyfriend gave me 4 in a big glass of water the first time, i also took some ibprofin and swallowed half a clove of garlic, that night i slept like a baby...the next day (yesterday) I took 2 alka seltzer in 4 oz of water like your supposed to and it did almost as good as the first does not take your pain away completely but it does make it really really is the only thing that has helped me...I also have been spraying my throat with sore throat spray like crazy and i even started gargling it which helped extremely well also before bedtime....and have been using cough drops today which seem to be helping, i also gargles salt water and i mean alot of salt water...also i have noticed that keeping my throat wet with liquids (soft liquids, no soda or anything like that) helps to...good luck to u guys...I know what your going through since i get them so much its horrible....

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Really I thought it was just me I have a constant bad sore throat although sometimes is worse then others mine is terrible bad today and yesterday and i am going on a trip and to a concert and cant stop coughing the constant sore throat has been going on for 2 years now and is getting worse and also have a very stuffy nose this time took antibototics and a shot and it just has gotten worse going out of town and to a concert toomarrow tonight and that is when it is the worst so i am going to try the hot salt water gargle although it hurts so bad i might cough it back up all the over the counter stuff hasnt ever woeked on me i am sorry you have this same probelm it is really hard sometimes to even function with this crap will try your suggesstions


If you are getting sore throats so often, you may want to consider having your tonsils removed. If you're constantly getting infected it probably means that your tonsils are full of dead tissue and are just a seed bed for germs and infections.

The Box Holds All

If you get sore throats that bad and that often, you maybe could think about getting your tonsils removed. Your article reminded me of ME before I got my tonsils removed, and now I haven't gotten a sore throat in at least 5 months! Getting them removed has seriously been a life changer for me.


Wow! I'd hate to get that many sore throats a year and very bad ones too! When you go to the doctors, does he prescribe an antibiotic like penicillin or amoxicillin? I wish they sold those babies in the stores, would save us alot of pain and money from having to go to the doctors all the time.

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