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I invented this remidie called 'Fleas be Gone' you will need:* an air tight container, pet oatmeal shampoo, lemmon juice, lime juice, and salt. First, add 1/4 cup of oatmeal shampoo in the bowl. Second, add 3 tablespoons of lemmon juice in the bowl. Third, add 1 teaspoon of lime juice in the bowl. And last add a sprinkle of salt in the bowl and mix. I recomend keeping it the fridge, and do that every other day until they are gone. And add some powder garlic to there food. Good luck.

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What do you do with this? Spray it on the carpet? Rub it on your pet?
Please specify.


Garlic can be very harmful to dogs and cats. It is on the list of things not to feed your animal!!

Rebecca S Holtorf

Please get all the facts, simply googling any topic can produce nearly all the information needed to make an intelligent decision. Garlic can be harmful in LARGE doses. Garlic IS very beneficial for both animals and humans. Please refer to this site for more information...natural-dog-health-remedes PS.. Jessica or Alex, if you read this, Mommy loves you, please come home.


Garlic is very dangerous to your pet, so don't use it!! Need to read up on things before you post things on here!

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