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Way back then, my grandmother always did this for me and my brother when we had headaches. We loved it, and i use it with my kids today, they love it too! Boil some hot water and add some ground cinnamon and sugar and mix. Pour in a cup and sniff the steam. That is what you do if it is a sinus headache. If it is a tension headache, pour some of this sugar cinnamon water into a tightly closed ziploc bag and press to the area where your head hurts. This is great for the kids!

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not exactly sure what this drink was intended for but it seemed to make a better drink then a remedy... my husband ended up drinking the whole cup! and started feeling better! LOL


Thank you so much for suggesting this! My mother and I both had the same kind of headache at the exact same time, so we figured it was a sinus headache. Ibuprofen didn't help, so we tried your remedy and our headaches were relieved. I noticed my nose cleared up from allergies as well! I was amazed and will save this creative remedy away for future use. Thank you again for sharing this method!


Oh, I forgot to say one more thing. For all of you who decided NOT to try this remedy because of the 'work' & time involved boiling the water, I just put hot tap water into a mug and microwaved until it came out with steam. Then when it began to cool down after a while, I put it back in again. I also stirred the mixture occasionally to make sure the sugar and cinnamon dissapated with the steam. Hope this helps!


Thanks for this! I just tried it after having a headache for 2 days from a cold. Nothing really helped as far as meds. This relieved it pretty quickly, I hope it lasts! I even drank it after and it's good! Thanks again!


Thanks for posting this remedy. I tried it today and seemed to help. I will definitely continue to use this remedy and will pass it along to my family & friends.


Honey & cinnamon is much better than sugar and yes when cooled drink it!
Also may add a bit of lemon. Great for acid reflux too*

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