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The best way to whiten teeth is as followed

Pour wate in a cup mix with poroxide, baking soda, and listerine mouth wash or any other wouth wash. stir for 1m. then use. rise thouroly

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true sell already mix in store.


my smile is looking a little bit brighter already thanx!!! (my smile needed! it)


When will you see results?


you don't know how to spell


How much of everything do i put??


you people who post on here are so rude. i'm sure half these people who are 'idiots' or 'can't spell' are just in a hurry to type things & don't go back over to correct their spelling. we obviously know what they mean, so fuck, leave it alone. they are just trying to help out.

Rae Hayes

I agree with the person who commented on the fact that some people just have to point out that there are spelling mistakes in some suggestions. I don't know about you, but I don't have to make myself feel 'better than' by judging ones spelling. Exactly what does spelling errors have to do with whitening teeth. As an educated, polite adult, I have learned that pointing out ones mistakes is simply rude. Obviously you have very low self esteem and feel a need to intentionally hurt people. I am extremely grateful to all of the KIND people who offer their suggestions on this site. Please remember that most of the people who read these suggestions are simply grateful that people WANT to be kind and helpful, so please keep your intentionally mean comments to yourself. Thank you so much:)

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