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I have Atopic Dermatitis. I am in my teens and ive tryed a lot of stuff. If your kind of eczema is the kind where you wake up with stains you should buy a humidifier and put it close to your bed at night. It really does work. My eczema really doesnt allow me to do barely anything cause im allergic to the sun, grass, pollen, and dirt. It also limits what i eat. I cant eat peanuts, cows milk, eggs, dairy products, fish, shrimp, and lobster. My skin was super leathery and very cracked. But then I started using Prednizone and a humidifier. Thats when it started getting better. If that doesnt work or anything else ask your dermatoligist for ultra-violet light treatment. If you have something that actually works with out a prescription please tell me and comment.

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I'm a nurse and yes the humidifer does help but don't keep taking the predisone it's a steriod which can make your bones brittle with excessive contuation of use


Have you tried eliminating soy from your diet?


thank you for sharing your story. You live a hard life and I applaud your optimism and bravery. I do agree with the nurse who posted above. Prednisone does have serious effects when taken regularly. Perhaps ask your doc if there is a similar, non-steroidal option that may work for you. Good luck to you!!


Try extra virgin organic coconut oil, it's a great moisturizer. So far, it's working for my son. It's super healthy too!

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