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The toothache kit is such a blessings. I got all four wisdom teeth taken out about a week and a half ago and first went to my dentist for my dry socket. They put the cotton soaked clove oil in my open sockets four times and finally took them out for 'good.' of course my lower right starting hurting again, and thankfully I found this website an immediately went to the nearest walgreens. My kit did not come with cotton as said before so I just took the end off a cotton swab, soaked it in the oil and stuffed it into the open socket with a pair if sanitized tweezers. (but left a little sticking out so I could grab it with the tweezers.) I left it in for about two minutes and the pain is gone. This us probably the best home remedie I have ever dealt with. Thank you to whoever figured this out.

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Thank you all so much I had a tooth pulled weneday and got a dry socket on sat. The pain meds didn't even touch it so I got online and found you guys! Went out at 11pm and found the kit and had relief by 11:15 thank you soooo much!

Bina P

The toothache kit is a blessing!!! It actually cut the pain right after I put it on. Wow! Thank you.


Thanks to everyone who posted about this kit I had 3 of my wisdom teeth removed about a week ago and the pain seemed to get worse everyday and the pain meds were not workin at all this kit is amazing the burning is really intense for a couple mins but it's def worth it for the amount of relief it provides. God bless this kit and everyone posting about it

fuck wisdom grills!

smoke while you have the hole in your jaw but smoke weed and while your smoking cigarettes and weed take the small 2X2 guaze and ball it up where the hole is. this allows you to create a small vaccume in your mouth with no consiquince.You can also drink alcoholic beverages as long as you do this.

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