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Hazelwood is an ancient remedy first used by aboriginal people. It has the medicinal property of neutralizing the body’s acidity. It relieves or prevents acid-related ailments such as ulcers, acid reflux, and heartburn.

Hazelwood is worn as a necklace, and in order to receive a therapeutic benefit, the hazelwood necklace must come in direct contact with the skin and be worn as much as possible, including overnight.

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Fire Dancer

Then light a fire like the one in your gut outside with some oak wood put on a grass skirt and dance around in circles for 15mins every time you eat! Oh yea I almost forgot you will need a shovel to digest this answer lol.....


LOL at Fire Dancer's response to the OP! :) I've tried many of the remedies on here, not this one, though, because I'm not very comfortable with witchcraft. LOL. The ones I find work are the apple cider vinegar in water, the baking soda in water (but do NOT mix both baking soda and vinegar in water together!), the pickle juice, licorice or ginger tea, and eating a stalk of celery. I also want to try the sauerkraut remedy because I do love sauerkraut and, if it works, this would be an easy way to keep my reflux under control.

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