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use any coin with a rigged edge,
rub the edge over the blood mark,

this method easily spreads the blood out,
leaving you without your hickey :)

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I can't believe how fast and efficient this method is.


This is one of the best methods I've used. It works very quickly.


this is a very effective method. i use it every time i may get one. since my boy is very into marking his territory, and my mom is very against my boy. ive gotta make both happy. this method works everytime.


this works but only for the real light ones the dark one on my chest i have done it for 20min and its not fgone!!! o well thanks for the help


YAY it worked after 23 min lol ^^ yay mom wont kill me i mean ... *looks around* lol well thanks agien so so so so much. uyyour a life saver may i mention i am only 16 and it was my first one >.<


i have a huge one on my neck. it looks like 7 combined into one. i did this for an hour and it was pretty much gone

Unsatisfied Advise Taker

This remedie sucks, it spreads out the blood to make a larger, splotchier hickey, thanks alot for your horrible advise!!!!!!!

opps marks the spot

I used this method mixed with the one below (the lipstick tube). And it worked. I put a quarter in the freezer. Once it was cold I put it in the center and pushed down to disperse the blood. Then used the ridged edges to spread it out. I watched it vanish before me eyes. And now that the redness is gone so is all traces of my love bite. Thanks


this method works now i dont have to lie to my mom about getting hickey from my stepdad;)

Very thankful

Mine were really big and dark. Most of the time my 'boy toy' leaves light ones and they can be covered easy but not this time. I tried.this and they are gone. My boyfriend will never know I was with seone else.

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