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I had a severe toothache from a cracked filling I had been waiting to get replaced. Nothing worked.
I read on one of these sites about vinegar, warmed with a little added salt. Take a sip and wash it around the tooth area, pulling through the tooth area.
In my case, the pain subsided and allowed me to sleep. The next day whenever I felt a pain there, I repeated the procedure and remained pain free!

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I was in so much pain after dental preparation work was performed for two crowns. The whole of my right side of my face hurt like hell....teeth ached, jaw ached, gland sore and an enormous ear ache. Ibuprofen tablets didn't work. After using the warm vinegar & salt, I quickly noticed my pain was subsiding and within the hour I was free of pain. Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Tried the vinegar and salt warmed really works


Have sex the pain will go


Thank you sooo much I have suffering since Friday its now Sunday. I tried this and it worked better than I could have ever imagined. Thanks again.


Trying it now


Just tried this hope it works

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