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Margie B.

Plantar Wart went completely away in 4 weeks. A year ago I thought I had stepped on a puncture vine or a small piece of glass. Right under my second toe on the ball of my left foot. It hurt a little then each month went by it hurt more until this summer I had to limp and not use my foot. It hurt like hell, like I was stepping on a knife each time I put weight on my foot. I tried Dr. Scholls wart freezing medicine, compund 40 etc. nothing worked.I even went to a clinic doctor and he told me he thought it was a wart. Being a retired operating room nurse I never want to see a Doctor again unless I need to be put back together again or need some emergency drugs, however he did open my eyes as to what it was. I am anti western medicine after what I saw in my career. I knew I could find something natural and found this website, thank the dear Universe-Lord!! Use the organic apple cider vinegar from the health food store. Soak your foot in the vinegar every night for 30 minutes to one hour. Then soak a cotton ball in the vinegar and put it next to the wart(s) with a bandaide, then put duct tape over both and seal it. Wear the duct tape til soaking the nex night. Do the same thing every night. Then when the wart turns black peel that off and start again with the fresh skin underneath, untill it is all gone. After you start it takes about four days before the wart stops hurting like hell. The vinegar may make it hurt worse sometimes and throb because it's killing the little creepy thing. Take some aleve or tylenol pm during that time of sleeping so you can get some sleep. Your wart will absolutely go way. It can not live in an alkaline environment with the ACV. Do this and it WILL WORK. I know how much it hurts and you want to cry and cut your foot off. Do it now and don't wait or spend tons of money seeing Doctors. I am so grateful and feel for you if you are hurting now. Don't wait. Run to the store and get your supplies and start right away, today and then tell everyone you know how your foot healed so you can give others hope and not give all their money to the Doctors who don't fix it anyway. You will be very happy. I love being pain free after a year of misery. Thank you for putting this website together so we can all share. This is not BS or hocus pocus. What a blessing.

Margie B.

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the acv does work but does it hurt , but having a doctor try to remove it hurts like hell also and mine came back , the vinagar did the trick but take a week of holidays as u wont be walking very much !!!good luck

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