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I had a very painful kidney infection for over a year. I went to the doctor repeatedly, but nothing she did helped. After being referred to my third specialist to try to treat it, I was feeling like their was really no help for it, and I finally started to look for other remedies. (I know, I know, What took me so long?) My great-grandmother told me about the cure that finally worked. Take carrot tops (the green leafy part) and brew it into a tea three times a day. The stuff tasted worse than anything I've ever tried, but the infection I had been battling for so long finally cleared up in less than a week.

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Conchita Rodriguez

My Grandmother and I recommend 1 tsp. of anise and 1 tsp. corn silk steeped. Drink this 3 times daily for one week.
This is an old Mexican way. It works.


You could maybe also eat the carrot greens fresh - they taste like parsley. Although, I am not 100% sure how that would affect the results - maybe brewing herbs into teas really makes a big difference on how they affect your body once inside.


Carrot greens are toxic and you should not ingest them


Never eat the tops of carrots, those greens are toxic for humans. Try parsley instead

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