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I started at this site and read everyone's suggestions. Then I did some research to verify that some of the ingredients were correct...and safe to use. I will start off by saying that I am a woman many of these posts didnt specify.
I will try to be as detailed as possible without writing a book!
I actually combined several approaches, and on the 4th morning the largest ones just wiped off. I actually couldn't believe it. So hopefully this helps other people.

What to buy:
100% Shae Butter (Henry's $10)
Green Tea Extract (Walmart $5 or Henry's $10)
Apple Cider Vinegar Organic Raw Unfiltered (Henry's $5)I got Bragg's brand.
Peroxide (Walmart $1-$2)
Vitamin E capsules (Henry's $5)
Cotton Pads (Walmart $1)

Additional Suppliments:
Garlic Capsules

I took a full force approach to attack from all angles.

First I used the peroxide. I soaked the cotton pad and held it on the area for a couple minutes. Then let it air dry. I found that it did sting a bit.

Then I used the ACV. I soaked the cotton pads and placed them on the area similar to the way you would use a tucks pad. I tried tape but as many of you will find out that is pretty difficult to do in the vaginal area. So instead i used a pair of snug underwear. I suggest using a sanitary napkin as the vinegar will likely soak through the underwear.
This wasnt painful to begin with... it stung but nothing severe. However when I changed the pads later in the evening the burning was quite painful. Within ten minutes the throbbing stopped. Before I went to bed I changed the pads once more and went to sleep.
In the morning the warts were all very irritated... along with the entire area. But from reading the other posts I expected this.

For the next 2 days I used the green tea salve described in one of the previous posts. I used a spoonful of the Shae butter and 3 capsules of the green tea extract. The mixtures is a brown/green paste that doesnt irritate at all. I actually found it to be quite soothing. I applied several times during the day. I slathered the entire area very generously and used the same underwear method (no napkin the mixture doesnt stain) to try to keep the mess to a minimum. I also found that as it got closer to the time I needed to replace the salve, I began to itch. But once the cream was replaced the itching stopped. I did this the entire day, through the night, and the following day.

By this time some of the warts had turned black but the larger ones were white and irritated.

The next day I decided to stop and heal. I did apply vitamin E (2 capsules) to the area. This helped the itching and irritation. That night I washed and dried the area and left it free of any treatment.

To my surprise the largest ones simply wiped off the next morning.

The blackened scabs take longer to fall off.

During the entire process I did a massive supplement intake to boost my immune system to help fight the infection internally as well. Some people reported a slow reduction in warts from supplements alone. I believe the combination of both is the best route.
I drank an Elderberry and rosehip tea that I made at home. You can find both of these at an herb shop. ($6) Or they also carry elderberry as a capsule (Henry's $15)
I also took the above listed supplements.
Additionally I took about 6 green tea capsules a day, and 4 vitamin E capsules.

I hope this helps.
The irritation was worth the very fast results!

**I did also try the aspirin/vinegar mixture but found it to be very painful. I believe this is due to the previous nights vinegar irritation.

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Do you have any updates... How long was your healing process... Has anything returned?


Are you a man or a women? If a women where did you apply the greentea mixture in the lips? Did you have any other issue if the did? Thank you

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