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Chris L

This is my true remedy for genital warts. I was on this site ( to find out how to deal with about a dozen (or more) small warts on the base and lower half of my penis, and was very excited to hear people's success with Apple Cider Vinegar. I had never used or known about this type of vinegar before but found that it is very common and found in most grocery stores. Here is what I did to rid myself of the warts:

Step 1: Use an anti-bacterial soap to clean the penis and surrounding area. I used yellow Dial brand.

Step 2: Soak cottonballs in hydrogen peroxide and wipe down the warts. Don't get fancy, a quick wipe down is fine.

Step 3: Soak a half sheet of paper towel which can be wrapped around the penis shaft in Apple cider vinegar. Wrap your penis and tape it securely. Make sure all warts are touching the paper towel so the vinegar soaks them.

Step 4: Leave the papertowel on your penis for at least 3-6 hours. I suggest doing this before going to sleep at night and removing the papertowel in the morning. In the morning, shower and use the anti-bacterial soap to clean your penis. Before getting dressed, soak a couple cotton balls in the ACV and douse the warts again so they are wet.

Step 5: Go about your day and repeat steps 1-4 every night.

Results: After a two days, my warts started turning black and became scab-like. The ACV has 5% acid in it, which burns the warts and dries them up. It will also make your skin very irritable and start to burn it after a few applications. This is the only drawback to this method, however it is very effective at destroying the warts. It is also the most natural way to do it. ACV costs about $1, plus the cost of cottonballs, paper towels and hydrogen peroxide. After about a week you can gently rub off the black scabs and the warts will be gone. My penis became VERY sensitive to the burning of the acid after about 5 days, so be prepared for some burning and if it becomes too much to take, use cottonballs to douse the warts instead of wrapping the penis in a papertowel soaked in ACV. As long as you are applying the ACV a few times a day it will kill the warts. Also the burning is not serious and your skin will heal, so don't wimp out if you want the warts gone!!

This method was so effective and I am so happy I found this site I had to share my experience. So relax, breathe easy, and get your ass to the grocery store. Most important tell any partners you have about your disease (human papilloma virus) so they are aware. Good luck and God Bless!

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EXTREME CAUTION.... I used the Paper Towel Technique, and yes it did kill the warts, but it also gave me about 100 more. The Paper Towel moves around too much and in doing so the warts spread like poison ivy. This might have happened too, because the warts were brand news ones, and not old ones. So I don't recommend this technique for new warts as they are most likely way to contagious to have something like a taped paper towel soaked in ACV


Great post. I took care of a couple on my foot by getting some liquid nitrogen at a local welding shop for $15, dipping a thick Q-tip in it and holding it to the wart for a 5 second count. When it feels like a sharp needle is piercing the skin count to two and lift the Q-tip. If it doesn't hurt like hell, you didn't have enough liquid nitrogen and need a thicker Q-tip. It'll turn black in a day or so and may kill it. If not, wait a month or two and do it again. My friend used Wart Control from ForcesOfNature with success.

Here is the link FYI
www.forcesofnatureusa com/Wart-Treatment-s/1819.htm

Any other good treatments available?

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