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If you have a toothache from a lost filling or a cracked tooth. You can buy this temporary filling stuff at the drug store, I've gotten it from Walmart so I know they carry it. The Walmart brand was called Denttemp.

It's the consistency of play dough, but you just get a small ball of it, and put it over the exposed part of the tooth. It gets hard in about 15 minutes. It really helps, and it will usually stay for a few days and you can even eat on it.

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My mom has also used this, it was the only relief for her.

tooth fairy

Hello guys and gals.. My lovely beautiful wife also experiences horrid tooth pain specifically at night or when she is going to lay down. I swear it never fails, its like clockwork! Has anyone experienced the same thing, just curious, what gives?! I heard that punching the person on the side of the tooth ache helps relieve the pain for a little bit, therefore you have to punch them a few times for max effect.

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