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HPV warts were really affecting my life. My self-esteem was terrible and Aldara seemed to destroy everything BUT the warts. I recently took several road trips and took a couple of 5 hour energy drinks to keep me alert. When at my destination, still using Aldara, I noticed the warts receding. I figured the Aldara was kicking in because I wasn't stressed out and my immune system was functioning better, but a week later the warts came back. I was devastated as I have struggled with them for quite some time. I took another road trip a few weeks later, again taking some 5 hour energies, and, once more, the warts started to disappear. Out of curiosity, I discontinued the Aldara and started taking a 5 hour energy every other day and now I have no warts whatsoever! The high levels of folic acid and B-vitamins helped my body fight off those nasty buggers, even the really deep ones. If I see any start to reappear I go grab some 5 hour energies and take one per day for two days and then one every other day, alongside making sure I include folic acid-rich foods in my diet. WARNING: make sure to drink plenty of water if you are going to try this method as the high levels of B Vitamins in the drink need to be flushed out of your system otherwise it could be detrimental for you.

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I didn't use five hour energy but adding energy drinks to my diet really REALLY helped! :D Looking forward to getting rid of HPV forever!

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