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I would like to hear more from any women who have successfully treated bacterial infection, I struggled with that for about 2 years in my 20's, when I left my boyfriend of that time, no more bv. Unfortunately my husband had an affair a few months back and now I am struggling with it again, and yes I firmly believe that it is sexually transmitted, I hadn't had a problem until his affair. I used metrogel about a month ago and am now getting it again, I know how hard it can be to get rid of.

Now some advice on yeast infection. Yogurt is great, eating it and using as a cream in the vagina. At one point years ago I had a really bad yeast infection, so at yogurt but also two gel caps of garlic oil in the vagina every night for about a week, and took garlic capsules by mouth too, I took so much it was basically coming from my pores! But it completely cleared it up and since then the only time I have gotten yeast infection is when I was pregnant and that was easily cleared by diflucan. I also did a no-yeast diet, which is basically no sugar or carbs for six weeks. It is a little tough, and you will get sick after a few days because of the toxins of the dying yeast. But after this diet I had no yeast infections, clear skin, and no heartburn for over a year. It is well worth it to clear out all yeast from your body.

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i dont understand how removing all the yeast from your body can be good, especially for the vagina.yeast is a natural occurance in your body, also bacteria,your body needs a balance


I totally agree, BV is a sexually transmitted disease. Cheating husbands, boyfriends... add an unclean woman that allows anal vaginal sex with everyone! The cheating male brings it home to mama. Collodial silver seems to help. Baking soda also. I don't think it can ever be cured. Thanks!


you cannot get rid of all the yeast...your body needs it...a yeast infection is NOT caused BY yeast,,,it is an imbalance of whats already there naturaly.


BV is not an STD it an imbalance in your PH the other side of the scale from yeast infections!!!!! There are some at home remedies but most of the time you should see a doctor to make sure it is nothing else..then try home remedies!!!!!!!!!!!!!


About BV's...they are caused by bacteria and CAN be transmitted sexually. One of the reasons they have a nickname 'ping-pong' disease. My doctor many years ago told me that they did a test by dropping a ball bearing into a toilet and the water that splashed back up had the same type of bacteria in it. So many things can cause a BV infection. The only way to get rid of a BV is to kill the bacteria. I only know of prescriptions to kill them but there may be home remedies that will work also.

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