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What you are reading- it's true! I had my wisdom tooth extracted on Monday was doing fine, just a little sore by Wednesday and Thursday. Friday I was in discomfort and by Saturday I was in so much pain it was unbearable! I had pain radiating along my jaw, and such throbbing, intense, searing pain that would wake me up at 4 AM! Advil or Tylenol X-tra strength no longer alleviated my pain.

I thought I was loosing my mind, as I felt that I was getting WORSE not BETTER as the week went on!

I Googled my symptoms and found this website. I read the remedies, went to my local health food store and got a bottle of clove oil, saturated cotton portion of an end of a cotton Q-tip and packed that cotton into the hole........ OMG! AMAZING! The pain went COMPLETELY away in a matter of minutes!

ATTENTION: The clove oil DOES sting and numb areas. Just be aware! Like when you shake too many red pepper flakes on your pizza.

Take your time when placing the saturated cotton in your mouth. If you accidentally get the clove oil on your lips or tongue or swallow it, it will taste somewhat nasty but the numbness does go away in a few moments. This momentary discomfort is SOOOO worth the hours and days of normalcy and bliss.

I am so grateful to all the people who posted and shared their stories and made it possible for me to find this terrific solution!

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