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I completely empathize with other posters who also experience pain with ACV treatment of warts! I have attempted ACV in the past for a mosaic plantar wart. I kept at it for at least 2 months. I noticed a huge difference, in the size of the wart and if I hadn't dropped out, I probably wouldn't be trying it again now.
I started yesterday with a vinegar soak. Then I applied ACV with a Kleenex covered with duct tape and a sock. A note on the ACV I am using. Because grocery store vinegar is only 5% acetic acid, I decided to play chemist by freeze evaporating the vinegar to make it more concentrated.
Last night, I woke up writhing in bed from the pain. Eventually, I removed the plaster and washed my foot. It continued to throb tenaciously, I barely slept at all. In spite of it all, I exfoliated the wart (with a Ped-Egg) today and reapplied ACV again this afternoon. It is worse than ever. I am trying to stick it out, but this pain is worse than a broken bone!
I found this site as I was searching for an explanation for this pain. Please, if anyone knows the specific cause of the pain, leave a comment.
For other about to embark on wart treatment with ACV, beware and stick to the table vinegar!

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There are sooo many nerve endings in the bottom of your feet and plantars warts have a tendency to root in and dig deep into those sensitive nerves. As the acidity of the ACV reaches deeper to kill the wart, it also is hitting these nerve endings making it painful. I have had many bottom of the foot injuries that were far more excruciating than anything I've experienced on other parts of my body. It all has to do with the nerve endings. Just keep at it, it WILL go away as the pesky little bugger dies off.

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